How the application of Medicinal Leeches works in the COSMETIC TREATMENTS.
The non-invasive HIRUDOTHERAPY, a healing method   which is over 2500 years old, again, became an approach toward natural healing and natural beauty without any side-effects, without any drugs and chemicals involved. The methods of slowing the skin aging with leeches' application have been known since ancient times. Japanese Geishas, famous for their beauty, with a smooth alabaster skin tone, were treated with face and body masks --sophisticated most organic HIRUDO-MASK were applied for extraordinary results!
In the XIX Century France using leeches for a healthy looking skin and blushing cheeks was
 "a must" routine for women!  For an immediate blood flow into cheeks leeches were placed  behind the ears, the area that the post-leeching marks were unnoticeable and hidden under the hair.
In nowadays hirudotherapy is not only a venue in holistic healing of all our body systems.
Through the body detoxification, blood purification and oxygenation, hirudotherapy hasREJUVENATING effect on the entire body, as well. Medicinal leeches' salivary glands  containLipids along with Hirudin, Proteins, Serotonin, Hyaluronidase, Collagenase, Elastase which are active essential ingredients in the SKINCARE (reconstruction of the cell membranes, skin cells and tissue). Lipids represent about 20% of the total weight of the salivary glands. Together with lipids are NATURAL steroid hormones such as cortisol,dehydroepiandrosterone (androstenolone), testosterone, progesterone and estradiol. The  other largest group of compounds in the salivary glands is formed byphosphatidic acids and free fatty acids
  (important source of energy).
 [Source: From the reading on hirudotherapy research studies, group papers, documents on medicinal leeches in Russia, O. Kamenev, A.Baranovski, U. Krashenyuk, Baskova and others]. 

Hirudotherapy brings healthy look and glow on a face, improves skin elasticity, stops hair loss, significantly reduces cellulite, dissolves scar tissue & visibly diminished scars, eliminates spider veins, improves blood circulation - no more "cold hands and feet"!
  There is also a “secret application” for non-invasive face lift.
For a daily skin care, hair care, etc., we recommend using ALA AQUA VITA® (try: cold hirudo-tonic splashed over the face in the morning!) New website is coming soon! 

IMAGINE -- LIFTING of the eyelids done without of surgery! No more bold spots on the scalp;No acne; No embarrassing skin condition known as a rosacea; No laser or surgery for varicose veins! You can improve a micro-circulation natural way: LEECH-WAY! After hirudotherapy treatment the healthy body shows better attitude -- the feeling of well-being has been influenced by ENDORPHINSThere are plenty of these enzymes in leech's salivary glands which are spread throughout the body during and after the leeches' application!   

Altogether, HIRUDOTHERAPY TREATMENTS and Cosmetic Sessions will take you on a LIFE-JOURNEY toward HOMEOSTSIS- with AGELESS HEALTH and AGELESS BEAUTY!
 -- Evidence based, Scientifically proven research, click and READ more!

Membantu Sembuh Alami - Alternatif & Penyembuhan Holistik, bukan Pengobatan  Medis. "

"... Obat Leech saliva glands sekresi (SGS) menentukan efek humoral hirudotherapy (lintah obat melukai kulit pasien mengikuti injeksi SGS). 
spesifisitas tinggi biologis protein aktif dalam SGS, seperti hirudin, faktor Xa inhibitor, triptase inhibitor, dll, menentukan keberhasilan pengobatan yang dilakukan oleh lintah obat. " Girudo-Med Bio-Factory, Lyubetsy, Rusia. 2007

Memang benar apa yang dikatakan Benjamin Franklin,
 "Satu ons pencegahan bernilai satu pon pengobatan."

Hirudotherapy sebagai Penghargaan Terapi Alam dalam Kehidupan Wanita ...


Hirudotherapy, non-invasif, non-bedah, ADALAH JAWABANNYA UNTUK: endometriosis,
kista, menstruasi tidak teratur, menopause, infertilitas, selulitis, penurunan berat badan, disfungsi sistem kekebalan tubuh, radang, fibromyalgia, varises, spider veins, jerawat, rosacea,
sistem limfatik kenajisan, sinus, migrain, vertigo, depresi, wasir, herpes, alami restorasi kulit, alopecia, rambut rontok, eksim, psoriasis, dan lebih banyak masalah ...
Seringkali, apa yang mereka dengar jawaban di kantor dokter --- " PENYEBAB TIDAK DIKETAHUI " ...

Hirudotherapy adalah salah satu modalitas utama dalam terapi alami kontemporer
ini bio menyembuhkan belum pernah terjadi sebelumnya dengan lintah obat terbuka
sebuah PINTU BARU untuk wanita segala usia !

 Tubuh akan mendapatkan keuntungan tidak hanya dari detoksifikasi
dan pemurnian darah tetapi juga dari peremajaan dilakukan untuk seluruh tubuh.
Zat bioaktif yang sedang diproduksi dalam lintah obat ini
saliva glands sekresi (SGS) yang disuntikkan ke dalam tubuh selama lintah
lampiran yang berlangsung sekitar 30 sampai 45 menit. Namun, PROSES internal yang
terus selama berhari-hari, berminggu-minggu bahkan berbulan-bulan setelah & aplikasi Hirudo medicinalis.
Dibutuhkan Anda pada jurney menuju Homeostasis .....
Maskapai anti-penuaan protein dan substanses, inhibitor seperti Hialuronidase yang meningkatkan viskositas interstisial, atau eglins,
bdelins dan lain-lain (baca di bawah "Hirudosubstances"), membuat perbaikan yang signifikan dalam elastisitas kulit,
 membawa tampilan sehat pada wajah dengan alami "pipi kemerahan" dan meningkatkan tingkat energi.
The Fenomena Hirudotherapy memerlukan melihat lebih dekat untuk menarik perhatian wanita!


"Helping Nature Heal - Holistic Healing, not Medical Treatment."

Benefits and Effects

Non-Invasive, No Side-Effects! Basically no pain involved! 

Leech saliva contains several bioactive substances, including anti-coagulants, blood-thinner, vaso-dilators, anesthetics, antibiotics (i.e. chloromycetyna), Hyaluronidase, Destabilase, Bdellines,  Eglines, Histamine-like substances, Lipolytic enzymes, Cholesterol esterase, Lipase, Triglyceridase  and many more.

Leech therapy works in such a wide range of applications, (it is still not fully understood) and is based on a combination of multiple effects. -

Hirudotherapy is a complex therapy and is a complementary therapy to the osteopathic medicine - 

   HIRUDOTHERAPY- through the body detoxification and blood purification, fights specific illnesses and at the same time it makes your immune system  stronger and rejuvenates your body. 

Positive effects:

general reflexogenic, hypotensive, bloodletting, decongestion, antiatherosclerosis, and many more!  

Hirudin, a potent anticoagulant in leech saliva, inhibits the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, preventing blood from clotting; hirudin is proved to be ten times more effective then heparin.

"...  Medicinal Leech salivary glands secretion (SGS) determines the humoral effect of hirudotherapy (medicinal leeches wounding the patient's skin followed the SGS injection) . High specificity of biological active proteins in SGS, such as hirudin, factor Xa inhibitor, triptase inhibitor, etc., determines the success of treatment done by medicinal leeches. 

Girudo-Med Bio-Factory, Lyubetsy, Russia.

The Return of the Leech 

"A medical marvel rises from both the swamp and the pages of history.

"...One leech-made molecule, the powerful anticoagulant hirudinwon FDA approval in 1998. Medical researchers are now testing hirudin’s usefulness against angina and heart attacks, and other chemicals from leech saliva are under study."
by Mitchel Leslie, a freelance writer living in Albuquerque

Hirudo Medicinalis ARE FDA approved & classified under medical device since 2004.

"Helping Nature Heal - Holistic Healing, not Medical Treatment."




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